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Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri is a prestigious college located in the Malappuram district of Kerala. It is recognized as one of the top colleges in the state, known for providing excellent education in arts, science, and commerce streams. The college is affiliated with the University of Calicut and is recognized by the government of Kerala as an unaided college.

One of the key features of Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri is its strong commitment to academic excellence. The college offers a range of undergraduate programs, including B.Com, BA English, and BA Sociology. Each program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field of study, enabling them to excel in their careers.

Apart from academic excellence, the college also places a strong emphasis on co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, cultural events, and other extracurricular activities, which help to develop their overall personality and leadership skills. The college has a well-equipped sports complex, and students participate in various tournaments and competitions at the district and state levels.

The faculty members at Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They are dedicated to providing students with the best possible education and support, ensuring that each student receives individual attention and guidance. The college also has a well-stocked library and modern laboratories, providing students with access to the latest research and learning resources.

The college also offers a range of scholarships and financial assistance programs to deserving students. These programs aim to support students who are facing financial difficulties and ensure that they can continue their education without any hindrance. Overall, Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri is a great college for students looking to excel in their chosen fields of study and develop their overall personality and leadership skills.



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Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri provides students with a high-quality education, experienced faculty members, a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, cutting-edge technology and resources, and scholarship and financial assistance programs. By choosing Jamia Islamia Arts and Science Manjeri, students can benefit from a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters academic excellence and personal growth, and prepares them for their future careers.


B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce which is a three year undergraduate program.


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is a three-year undergraduate programme that aims to understand how social structures and human relations


This course emphasises the detailed study of English Literature which includes poetry, proses, essays and several other literary pieces.


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